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Nordstrom Stops Tracking Customers’ Smart Phones

Upscale fashion retailer Nordstrom is discontinuing the collection of information from its customers’ smart phones. We’ve previously reported about the technology being used at a Portland, Oregon store as part of a pilot program in 20 stores nationwide. The system, which had been in place since September of 2012, used an array of sensors placed […]

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Nordstrom cell phone tracking sign

Nordstrom Stores Tracking Customers’ Cell Phones

A Nordstrom Rack store in downtown Portland has initiated a pilot program that tracks customers’ cell phones while they shop. It is one of 20 stores nationwide currently testing the system. Connecting to the wifi signal from your phone, Euclid devices around the store help the company measure foot traffic inside their retail space. “Through […]

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Is privacy a thing of the past in the digital age?

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