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New Smartphone Puts Focus On Your Privacy [VIDEO]

Could this be the smartphone the NSA doesn’t want you to know about? A company called Geeksphone is releasing a privacy-focused smartphone later in 2014 for consumers who wish to keep their personal data and conversations private. The Blackphone┬áis described on their site as “The high-end smartphone which puts privacy and security ahead of everything […]

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NSA headquarters building

U.S. District Judge Rules NSA Phone Records Spying Is Constitutional

The U.S. District Judge William Pauley ruled the National Security Administration’s collection of millions of American’s phone records is constitutional on Friday, dismissing an ACLU lawsuit against the NSA. The judge stated the collection of phone records is a legal and valuable tool to fight terrorism that “only works because it collects everything.” He added […]

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Google Helps Find Your Stolen Android Device

Earlier this month, Google officially announced it’s plans to put out a device locator feature, similar to Apple’s ‘Find my iPhone” app. The free app is called Android Device Manager, and it’s available now for your mobile device running Android version 2.2 or higher. At the very least, this app will show you just how […]

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Nordstrom Stops Tracking Customers’ Smart Phones

Upscale fashion retailer Nordstrom is discontinuing the collection of information from its customers’ smart phones. We’ve previously reported about the technology being used at a Portland, Oregon store as part of a pilot program in 20 stores nationwide. The system, which had been in place since September of 2012, used an array of sensors placed […]

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Nordstrom cell phone tracking sign

Nordstrom Stores Tracking Customers’ Cell Phones

A Nordstrom Rack store in downtown Portland has initiated a pilot program that tracks customers’ cell phones while they shop. It is one of 20 stores nationwide currently testing the system. Connecting to the wifi signal from your phone, Euclid devices around the store help the company measure foot traffic inside their retail space. “Through […]

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California Bill to Restrict Governmental Agencies from Cell Phone Tracking without Warrant

A new law in California has recently been introduced to require government agencies such as police departments to be required to obtain a warrant before using cell phone tracking on phones owned by the American public. This bill, introduced by State Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), came about after a startling discovery by the American […]

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Is privacy a thing of the past in the digital age?

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