Wisconsin State Assembly Passes Bill To Prevent Warrantless Cellphone Tracking

Wisconsin State Assembly passes cell phone tracking bill

Wisconsin State Assembly passes cell phone tracking bill

The Wisconsin State Assembly has passed a bill that would prevent police from tracking the location of cell phones without first having a warrant.

To obtain a warrant, the application would need to identify the phone, the person in possession of the phone, the subject of the investigation, a statement of the crime, and a statement of probable cause.

The statement must show there is probable cause to believe that criminal activity has been, is, or will be in progress, and detail how tracking the mobile device will yield relevant information.

The bill passed the Assembly’s judiciary committee on a 9-0 vote earlier this month, and the full Assembly approved it on a voice vote last Thursday.

The measure will next go to the state Senate.

Several states have passed similar bills to prevent law enforcement from tracking a person’s phone without first obtaining a proper warrant. At the same time, some states are passing bills to make it easier to track cell phones, as was the case in Nevada last year.

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